Why You Need a Storm Drainage System for Your Building

Stormwater poses serious concerns to the environment and needs to be effectively eliminated from your building. In fact, the EPA has issued specific regulations on what needs to be done to keep the problem at bay.

Here’s how having a strong drainage system installed in your building can help.

It Prevents Your Building from Structural Damage

Storm drainage systems prevent your building from being flooded. By removing the excess water that accumulates near your site, they provide an efficient and effective way to discharge it into a detention pool through HDPE pipes. Water that builds up due to rainfall and groundwater can be transported this way to relevant water bodies.

storm water

So how does this help prevent structural damage? Well, if stormwater accumulates in your drains and isn’t simultaneously removed, it’s redirected towards the foundation or the basement of your building. This may also happen if your drainage pipes are old and worn-out, or clogged because of debris. If this happens, the drain pipes are unable to function optimally, failing to remove excess water and debris from the system.

What this results in is a flooded basement or room within your building due to the excess water. The moisture seepage caused by this also affects the dry walls in your building, causing the growth of mold and mildew. This especially affects the building’s foundation, which is weakened as a consequence and may need immediate repair.

A strong stormwater drainage system prevents your building from facing any such damages. By collecting and discharging water through concrete pipes and manhole installation, it reduces the chances of you having to spend a hefty amount on structural repairs and plumbing which could’ve been easily avoided.

It Maintains Water Quality

With a well-cleaned and fully functional storm drainage system, you can also ensure a better quality of water for your building. This is because more often than not, storm drains discharge water into a nearby stream or water body which is also the main source of water for your area.

While the water is treated before being supplied ahead, with a poor storm drainage system in place you can contaminate the water being discharged. This has severe health and environmental implications, and creates a water contamination crisis. Having an adequate stormwater drainage system can prevent this outcome and help maintain the water quality in your building.

New Jersey General Contractors & Builders (NJGCB) provides storm drainage installation services to keep buildings safe and secure. Whether you’re looking for a sewer replacement service or need to install manholes or HDPE pipes, we’re here to assist you with your drainage system requirements.

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