3 Signs Your Driveway& Sidewalk Is In Need of a Replacement

Your home is your most expensive and precious investment. And you want every inch of it to look beautiful.


Most people overlook their driveways as they’re built to be functional and to not contribute to the esthetics. But due to being exposed to fluctuating temperatures and constantly being driven on, they’re subjected to wear and tear. And they end up negatively affecting your home’s curb appeal.

Here are 3 signs to tell that you need a driveway or a sidewalk replacement;

Look Out for Cracks

Overtime, cracks might appear on concrete and asphalt driveways and sidewalks. These cracks can go from bad to worse in no time because of continuously being exposed to oil, gas and other car fluids. Smaller cracks are typically reparable; however, deep, long and wider cracks indicate the need for a driveway or sidewalk replacement.


Drainage Problems

Poor drainage can cause water to accumulate at the end of your driveway’s slope. This situation will ultimately lead to the formation of crack and potholes on the particular area. A drainage system will keep water from accumulating on the driveway. It’s important to note that proper installation of a new drainage system requires the whole driveway to be replaced.

Uncontrollable Tree Roots

Unruly tree roots can ruin your sidewalks! By sprouting up to as big a height as the tree trunks themselves, they can cause the sidewalk panels to be lifted straight off the ground, damaging your property and creating serious hazards for people walking by.

When this happens, you need to maintain your sidewalk by replacing the cracks and damages it has sustained. This can be done by:

  • Removing the existing sidewalk panel to allow the new one to withstand tree root pressure
  • Moving and extending the sidewalk such that it’s away from the tree, by adding curves or amending its shape avoid being disrupted by roots
  • Relocating the tree and planting one with a less invasive root system


By replacing your cracked sidewalk, you’ll also be preventing any insurance claims that can cost you a fortune.



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