Why Your New Jersey Home Needs House Lifting Services

In 2012, the US was hit by Superstorm Sandy (also referred to as Hurricane Sandy), causing death and destruction in several states.  So severe was the intensity of the damage caused that residents in New Jersey are still living with the consequences of this natural disaster. 


Is your home strong enough to withstand such a storm if it were to strike again? Here’s how elevating your house can help you.

Shield against Floods

After Superstorm Sandy, no one can doubt the amount of damage water alone can cause.When the hurricane hit New Jersey, houses were ripped from their foundations and homeowners witnessed chunks of their homes floating away in the flooding.

House elevation is especially important for residents located in a flood zone. Ever since Superstorm Sandy struck New Jersey, the FEMAhas improvised and implemented several flood zone regulations, making it mandatory for homeowners in certain areas to take the proper preventative measures. Even if your house doesn’t lie directly within the flood zone, it’s worth lifting it a few feet off the ground to protect it from potential flooding and water damage. Better be safe than be sorry!


Lower Flood Insurance Costs

If your New Jersey home lies within the flood zone, you’re in for high insurance rates. This comes with living on any coastline, and after the repercussions of Superstorm Sandy, the rates have gone even higher.

Your home’s elevation plays an important factor in determining insurance costs. If you’re abiding by the elevation recommendations listed by the FEMA, you can save hundreds of dollars annually! However, if your home’s height is less than the recommended figure, prepare to pay hefty flood insurance and possible fines that are bound to make a dent in your budget.

Availing house lifting services can make all the difference! Not only will you be complying with FEMA regulations and protecting your home from flooding,but you’ll also be saving up on insurance costs.


Stronger Foundation

Another thing that comes with elevating your house is the installation of a new foundation. In order to raise a building a few feet off the ground, new pilings and foundations must be built to support them. This means that your home’s foundation gets an upgrade, allowing for stronger infrastructure. With this come the benefits of there being fewer drafts, fewer leaks, and reduced energy bills.

New Jersey General Contractors & Builders (NJGCB) provides house lifting services to keep buildings in NJ safe and secure. In addition to this, we also offer sidewalk and curb repair, sewer replacement, and demolition and excavation services.

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