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I own a newly constructed home in East Rutherford, N.J. We have been in this home for approximately one year. The layout of this house is extremely well thought out and utilitarian and the detailing is just gorgeous. The building process occurred while I was in Tennessee; however, our neighbor has commented on how well constructed the house is, witnessing the process from the ground up. This has also been apparent residing in the house. It is obvious these builders are conscientious and take their work seriously. I highly recommend this firm if you are interested in building a beautiful home to enjoy and as a lasting investment. I couldn’t be happier with this home.

NJGCB built me my dream house. NJGCB is Highly professional & delivered my project on time and on budget

affordable prices. Wonderful experience

Highly recommended, great job, professional workers

They are very professional and efficient. I know when I call them to do something they will do it right from the first time. The owner is a structural engineer if I recall correctly and he takes all the precautions to do the job and design right from the beginning.

Like many others, I felt the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy, but how I chose to recover was the real challenge. I was referred to NJ General Contractors from a friend and could not have been happier with my decision. They were productive in helping me with the NJ RREM program. They were honest, efficient and provided me with the best service towards fixing my home. I would definitely recommend them to family and friends and use them again.

NJGCB did a great job raising my house among others. There were very professional, well prepared, affordable and provide quality service. I will definitely recommend them for their services.

NJGCB did great work on my house, they raised it and redid the foundation since it was damaged. Mickeal was very nice and tentative to my requests and did a great job. I recommend to all my family’s houses that were damaged in the hurricane.

Prompt response, affordable prices, and excellent customer service

NJGCB Construction is restoring my faith in contractors. We’ve had some bad experiences over the last few years that have made us very reluctant to engage contractors unless we absolutely have to do so.NJGCB were terrific to work with. They are extraordinarily attentive and communicative and their workmanship is superb. I look forward to working with them again. All the pricing was transparent, every job quoted separately, so at all times we knew where we are with the expenses. We had a great designer, that followed our instructions (wishes), yet would always guide us toward sensible solutions that would save us money. We highly recommend this company and would definitely use them again.

NJGCB demolished my house and redid the foundation along with rebuilding my whole house. I generally don’t like working with contractors, but they are were very helpful when we had any questions. I would definitely recommend them to everyone.

I called NJGCB to demolish my house and build me new house. I were shocked with the speed and the experience they brought to my new home. NJGCB worked with me through the design and to final completion. The entire process took 14 weeks. Highly recommend NJGCB for your next project

Great professional team . With affordable prices

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