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New Jersey General Contractors & Builders hauling servicesEvery contract we fulfill and every job site we are put on are run by a site engineer to ensure your project is done right the first time. All work is performed by in-house staff; we do not hire outside help out in order to make sure that our prices remain competitive and our downtime is minimized. A steady, stable team also helps us to ensure that our team is filled with experienced professionals, that no corners are cut, and that you are getting exactly what you pay for. NJGCB is insured and bonded, so in the event of an accident, you can rest assured that your investment is protected. Whether you need a quick-and-easy retaining wall installed or a foundation you can rely on, each NJGCB installation comes with a 10-year guarantee.

The Best Equipment on the Market


New Jersey Contractors & Builders is proud to use EFCO’s Hand-E-Form system on projects in need of high-quality concrete formation solutions. The smooth concrete  finish and seamless joints between panels that made the Hand-E-Form system famous guarantee that NJGCB’s work is of the highest quality. The Hand-E-Form system is one of the most efficient, cost-friendly, and versatile concrete forming systems on the market today, capable of handling any project you may have.   The Hand-E-Set system is made of light yet durable materials that will support intensive general-purpose concrete formation needs for years to come. It is light enough and easy enough to use that it can be set up and torn down by just a single worker, but versatile enough that its only limitation is in the creativity of the contractors using it. For a skilled contractor like NJGCB, this means that we can help with nearly any project you may have, and you don’t need to worry about gear breaking mid-project and holding up your job!  Invest in a contractor that gets you a better end result and increased productivity when compared to cheaper options.

What Can It Be Used to Form?

It can be used for nearly any general-purpose concrete project thanks to its adaptable and easy-to-use paneled system. The Hand-E-Form system can help form:  
  • ∙ Straight walls
  • ∙ Curved or round walls
  • ∙ Retaining walls
  • ∙ Tanks
  • ∙ Foundations
  • ∙ Culverts
  • ∙ Columns
  • ∙ And much, much more!
The Hand-E-Form system was designed for and has been used in projects ranging from smaller buildings like residential homes to larger ones like school buildings to university stadiums, and everything in between. EFCO’s Hand-E-Form concrete form has even been used to help form bridges and highway projects. Whatever your need, NJGCB can use EFCO’s Hand-E-Form concrete handset form system to help.  

What’s the Catch?

The biggest drawback to the Hand-E-Form system is in those using it. Considering NJGCB’s reputation as an innovative and highly experienced foundation contractor, the Hand-E-Set’s only drawback becomes its greatest strength in the hands of contractors as skilled as NJGCB.  

State-of-the-Art Excavation Equipment

Our excavation equipment allows us to jumpstart your project. We aim to set the pace for the rest of your build by quickly and efficiently moving from breaking ground into preparing your project for the perfect foundation and beyond. NJGCB comes equipped with the tools and experience necessary for heavy-duty rock removal, demolition of existing structures, and the hauling of any fill or debris that is currently getting in the way of getting your project started up. We are your one-stop source for all things contractor-related with the tools and expertise to promise excellence in everything we do.  

How Can I Get Expert Help Today?

Just contact us today with details about the job you need done and we’ll be happy to get back to you with a quote! Whether you have a corporate construction job that needs a solid foundation or a residential project in need of a stable, sturdy retaining wall, New Jersey General Contracts & Builders has earned our reputation as high-quality and professional contractors, and we can’t wait to add you to our list of satisfied customers.
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